The 5 R's To 
Healing Leaky Gut
  • REMOVE: You'll discover how to quickly identify the toxins that disrupt your Microbiome that lead to Leaky Gut. Once you eliminate these toxins from your diet and environment, the healing process begins.
  •  REPAIR: You'll discover how to repair your Gut lining in order to prepare it for detoxification. This is a very important step. I will show you exactly how to do it. 
  • REVITALIZE: Maintaining your health through this healing process is very important. You'll discover how to boost your immune system and improve your vitality during this phase.
  • RENOVATE: Just like you would renovate a home in need of a much needed remodel, we will renovate your Gut. You'll discover how to "weed" out the bad bacteria in your gut terrain allowing the good bacteria to flourish.
  • REBUILD: Now it's time to Rebuild your digestive system. You'll discover what foods to eat and which supplements to take in order to nourish your Microbiome.    
You are what you eat. 

You are what THEY eat!
only $147

You will discover how to Detox your diet and environment, while nourishing your gut health.

You will get to join our private facebook group for community and support.  

You will get a convenient shopping list and recipe book as well as a list of my Top 5 healing foods and spices!

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